About Me

I am a Qualified Personal Trainer with Certificate III/IV in Fitness and Certificates in Advanced Nutrition Level 1 & 2. I  have completed the Active Kids Trainer Course, Boxing for Fitness and hold a current CPR & First Aid Certificate. I specialise in Flexible Dieting Protocols and I am an ISSN Certified Sports Nutritionist.

Outside of the Fitness Industry, I have been a High School Teacher for the past 16 Years, and a Combat Engineer, Driver and Clerk in the Army Reserve for 20 years.

I am a life time Natural Body Builder and competitive Figure Athlete, competing in INBA, ANB and Defence Body Building competitions.

I have combined my love for teaching with my thirst for knowledge and passion for nutrition and health to become a Nutrition and Strength Coach.


About My Business

My business has three separate branches – Nutrition Coaching (online and in-person), Nutrition Workshops and Seminars, and in future I will be conducting gym-based Strength Coaching. I also write Personalised Weight Training Programs.

My main focus is to provide up to date nutrition and dieting information based on the latest research and to ‘bust the myths’ that surround nutrition and dieting with an evidence based scientific approach.

I spend countless hours each week reading and analysing the latest (and past) peer reviewed journal articles and scientific studies from the most respected nutritional scientists in the world. I read  critiques and reviews of their work and the work of others in the field in order to bring my clients the best and most up to date information available.

The core of my approach to helping clients achieve their goals is quite simply to provide them with the support that they need. Clients may message me with questions, issues or feelings as they arise. This enables a collaboration which ensures they get on track and maintain it to achieve their goals. I also provide weekly check-ins and/or in person consultations to provide accountability and to assist clients with maintaining consistency and adherence.

I take a limited clientele to ensure I am able to provide every individual with the time and support they require.

Regardless of people’s personal eating preferences; whether they be Paleo or Vegan, Low/High Carb or Low/High Fat, low sugar or any number of preferences in between, I can assist with weight loss, weight gain and maintenance goals utilising Flexible Dieting. Programs are highly flexible, targeted and realistic. I want you to succeed!

To learn more about how I can help you right now with your weight management through flexible dieting, please get in touch.

Nutrition and Strength Coaching