Flexible Dieting

A Brief Introduction to Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting allows you to eat the foods you enjoy whilst achieving your weight loss goals. It is about inclusion, balance and variety. Flexible Dieting takes your lifestyle and social events into consideration and does not restrict or exclude any foods.

Flexible Dieting considers your long term weight maintenance goals, rather than focusing on short term ‘diets’, which inevitably lead to long term weight re-gain. It will help you not only achieve your weight loss, but show you how to maintain the weight you want permanently.

Everything we eat and much of what we drink consists of calories. Calories are the energy that powers our bodies. There are 3 Macronutrients that make up these calories: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. Our bodies need certain amounts of each of these to function adequately. As a Nutrition Coach, I will assist you in finding the balance that is best for you during each step of your weight management program.

Flexible Dieting does not revolve around counting calories, rather we count macronutrients. By hitting your daily macronutrient targets, you will be hitting your calorie goal by default as your macronutrient targets add up to your calorie goal. This ensures a healthy, balanced diet.

The other aspect to a healthy and balanced diet is ensuring enough fibre and micronutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) are consumed. With Flexible Dieting you will track your intake of these also.

We track what we eat by weighing all our food. By doing this we know exactly what macro, micro and fibre amounts we are consuming. This has the benefit of encouraging a healthy diet, as well as maintaining weight. We do not take scales to restaurants and social events – flexible dieting is, well, flexible (c; You will learn how to track your food and be calorie conscious so that social events don’t derail your goals. You will be surprised to learn more about what you eat now and what you can eat to reach and maintain your goals!

Where social events, lifestyle and work get in the way of ‘diets’; Flexible Dieting can work around anything. A week long holiday will blow a diet totally. Even a day with friends can mean people just throw the diet out the window and engage in a day long binge. How are you supposed to eat every 2-3 hours if your job won’t allow it? With Flexible Dieting, none of these are issues as there are no specific foods or meal timings and lifestyle and social events are easily worked in to your regime.

No foods are excluded with Flexible Dieting. If you hit your micro and fibre targets for the day, there will probably be room in your macro targets to enjoy whatever other foods you want to eat. Ice-cream, Pop Tarts, Chips, Chocolate, Pizza… Mmm, pizza…

The reason for this flexibility is that dieting is not just a physiological process but a psychological one too. If people are told to eliminate or restrict food in a diet, the first thing that happens is they begin to crave it – sometimes even foods they didn’t previously like! With Flexible Dieting there are no restrictions and therefore no cravings. If you want something, you just include it in your macros for the day.

All it takes is a little discipline and a little knowledge and you can reach and maintain your goals! Talk to me today.

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